15 April 2014

Coachella Style Diary 2014

 Frolicking in the fields of Indio, shooting sartorial style (festival) photos,
 & listening to the lovely lineup are just a few of the many highlights from this past weekend.

When we reached our quota of too much vitamin-d, 
we searched for shade in all the right places,
 attending a few of our favorite fashion parties, #Coachella style! 

We hope to show a bit more of our TYFF style,
during the second blissed-out weekend of everyone's favorite festival. 

09 April 2014

Living In Style

Images: @RemingtonRebeil

When I started this blog, a little under 5 years ago,
my goal was to document my ultimate love, style.
I captured images of inspiring people & places,
as well as outfits that made me look&feel my best.
With time (as well as re-pins, features, likes, and collaborations)
my blog turned into a business, my passion and my future.

However, now that blogging has penetrated mainstream society,
(where fast-fashion posts triumph over true style images),
I often have to remind myself to stay genuine to my original goals.

Now, more than ever,
I believe in quality over quantity.
My purpose, here, is to display how to live in style,
rather than simply wear an "of-the-moment" outfit
or interact with lackluster products.

From my point of view,
trends come and go, but style (in all aspects of your life) remains eternal.

.... so sport that 5 year old LBD in the back of your closet or
buy vintage pieces (aka my headboard that everyone asks me about) & DIY them;
 surround yourself with well chosen commodities
that are sure to last a lifetime.

if you have made it this far,
thanks for listening to my rant about our changing consumer culture
& my opinion on all things "fast-fashion."

29 March 2014

Stone Cold Fox

As long time lovers of lace (& stone cold fox),
we lusted after this updated version of our favorite lace Hendrix top. .
so much so that we couldn't resist adding both the black and white
Moroccan versions to our current wardrobe.

With festival season just on the horizon, this lace crop is easy to wear
& ever so chic.
 We joined the sartorial street-style ranks of Jamie Chung & Vanessa Hudgens,
last year, while sporting a similar SCF top during California's own version of fashion week(end),
AKA. . Coachella.

01 March 2014

girly, girl.

for love and lemons dress

took a bit of a break from the blog to find creative candidness
& to live in the moment.
I'm ready to say goodbye to this cold weather and wear (& dance around in) lace & lwds.